The Society We Aim to Create


A society where all students who go to study abroad do not become victims of sexual violence.

Our Hope


SAYNO! is an organization established in May 2020 by victims who experienced sexual violence while studying abroad to raise their voices and prevent other students from experiencing the same experiences as ours. The first survey on sexual violence in study abroad destinations, conducted from May to July 2020, revealed that 216 of the 516 responses indicated that they had been victims of sexual violence or had seen or heard about it. Most of the students encountered structural sexual violence where criminals took advantage of their position and victims could not speak up because they could not rely on others.

We international students have the courage and determination to study abroad. We have to convince our parents, learn the language, save money, and make many other efforts to study abroad. We will continue to work to ensure that the courage and determination of these young people, who are the future leaders, will not be trampled on by sexual violence and that they will be able to live their lives to the fullest.

Our Activities


●Conducting pre-study abroad seminars
For students who are going to study abroad, universities and scholarship programs inform them about the reality and peculiarities of sexual harassment and sexual violence in study abroad, preventive measures, and what to do in case they are victims.

We have prepared a leaflet summarizing the results of a questionnaire on sexual harassment and sexual violence in study abroad, its peculiarities, and how to deal with it for use by various universities and organizations. Please download it from the top page and feel free to use it.

●Policy Proposals
We made the Youth Proposal in conjunction with the Fifth Basic Plan for Gender Equality regarding the responses and preventive measures required of universities and companies against sexual harassment and sexual violence in study abroad.