We value and collect the voices of victims more than anything else.



In Japan, the number of students studying abroad increases each year, but it is becoming clear that students have been sexually victimized while studying abroad.
In a survey we conducted from May to July 2020, out of 516 responses, 216 cases of sexual assault were reported while studying abroad.
Our goal is to create a society where all students can fully enjoy their study abroad experience by conveying to students who will study abroad what we wish we had known before being victimized in our study abroad destination.




We will survey the actual situation of victims of sexual harassment and sexual violence, listen to the voices of victims, and publish information on our website and social networking sites as needed to raise awareness.



We hold events to raise awareness about the current reality of sexual harassment and sexual violence and inform international students about prevention and countermeasures.


Publishing manuals

The “Sexual Violence Prevention Manual for Students” can be downloaded from here. Please feel free to print and distribute it at educational institutions and study abroad centers.
English version is available. Click the MORE button below.




Sexual violence during study abroad and our activities were featured in the Asahi Shimbun.

The article was written, describing the current situation of sexual violence in study abroad countries, where “there are few people to rely on, and people take advantage of their weakness in the information.


*Images may not be reproduced without the permission of The Asahi Shimbun. Authorization Number 20-4422 Published in Asahi Shimbun, August 10, 2020

Video of an interview with a victim of sexual assault in a study abroad program created by Asahi Shimbun DIALOG

The Asahi Shimbun Dialogue has created its video based on the manual of SAYNO! It introduces the valuable voices of people who suffered from sexual assault.

The Asahi Shimbun Dialogue “SayNO! Sexual harassment and assaults during study abroad: students published the manual for sexual violence prevention (August 9th, 2020)”



「トビタテ!留学」で性被害報告 文科省が実態調査へ